"The Safe and Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN) has chosen the path of sincere matter of humanity, "the safety" and "the sustainability". Their idea and the style of presentation on these issues are quite appreciable for general people as well as professionals. It makes me happy and confident in professionalism of the upcoming generations."
Padma Bahadur Shahi
Technical Advisor, DoTM

Our Mission

Coordinate and uphold in partnership with the stakeholders locally through advocacy, encouragement, and research to achieve the national goal of maintaining multi-faceted sustainability of transport sector. 


Work together for safe and sustainable transport system.

* Awareness, education, training and advocacy
* Facilitation of capacity building on various aspects of transportation through seminar, conference, talk program, training and workshops.
* Appraisal of all the uses of their responsibility, stake and rights.
* Research to support advocacy and support concerned authority in decision making.

Our Core Values

Safety is the concern of each individual and can only be ensured by action of each of them.