Sustainable Mobility

July 2021

Supported by:

Society of Transportation Engineers, Nepal
Sustainable Mobility

It is well known to all that the development of Transport is key to physical, social, economic – all sectors, development; in Nepal and throughout the Globe. However, it is being evident through the actions of the many authorities in Nepal that the development of transport sector is perceived to be driven by road construction, rather than addressing the need of people in moving goods and people.

The development can be generalized as vehicle-centric. Only a few examples are surfacing that are addressing mobility needs for short and long term. The improvements in the public transport vehicles in Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara Valley, cycling infrastructure developments in few selected roads are some of the examples interventions. But, high ranking in polluted cities, rapid motorization, decreasing non-motorized infrastructure, and increasing road crash victims are also a reality we live in.

There is definitely a need for comprehensive training, research, stakeholders’ consultation and discussion in this sector to materialize policy and interventions. This training intends to impart the broader and multi-dimensional concepts and practices among the youth for them to lead the research, advocacy and practices in the days ahead. 

The first iteration of the training was delivered to final year civil engineering students, and young professionals working in this field. It was conducted between 11-24 July, 2021.

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The training has been set for two weeks with lectures on different topics related to mobility and sustainability in Transport. The training will comprise of live lectures, group works and discussion, and presentation.

The core concepts will be introduced by different trainers through live lectures and discussions. Each lecture will be of 1 hour each with 10-15 minutes of discussion. The live lectures will include the following

  1. Holistic approach in sustainable mobility
  2. Design considerations in transport
  3. Transport hierarchy and urban mobility (application of ITS)
  4. Road safety audit and safe system approache
  5. Stakeholders’ role in sustainable Mobility
  6. Traffic engineering: Research and academic sector in mobility
  7. Funding and financing mobility (Public transport, Freight movement & application of PPP)
  8. Environmental considerations for mobility approaches

A team of two will be formed, who will generate ideas and brainstorm on it, and discuss them with the rest of the participants. The teams will be facilitated by a supervisor to understand, cultivate and innovate ideas connecting them to the live lectures and discussions.

The discussed ideas will be developed into a flow chart and presented at the end of the training.

During current situation of COVID 19 Pandemic, the training has been formatted to be delivered through online platform. 

To allow access for the students and professionals without conflicting with their classes/work the classes will be delivered during the evening hours on work days and afternoon hours on Saturdays.

The access and link to the sessions will be shared to selected candidates. The candidates must have access to stable internet supporting live sessions and video call. 

The team from SSTN will always support and facilitate the live lectures, group discussions and individual group works.

Trainers for the Live Lectures:

Dr. Surya Raj Acharya


Dr. Padma Bahadur Shahi



Dr. Partha Mani Parajuli



Dr. Thushita Chandani Shahi



Subash Dhungel



 Anil Marsai



 Ashsih Gajurel




 Laxman KC



Nivesh Dugar




Vibek Gupta 

Training Coordinator;
Co-chariman, SSTN



The group work will be facilitated by:

Hemant Tiwari Hemant Tiwari                 

Chairman, SSTN
Transport Specialist, IBN    


 Sudeep Thapa

  Secretary, SSTN
 (Transportation Engineer);
 HoD, Dept. of Civil Engg., KEC, Dhapakhel


Surakshya Kafle

Executive Member , SSTN
(Transportation Engineer)


 Niraj Bohara

Executive Member, SSTN
(Transportation engineer)
HoD, Dept. of Civil Engg., U-Tec, Chitwan


Shree Ram Dhakal

Secretary, SoTEN
(Transportation Engineer)

 Sambriddhi Shrestha

Senior Officer, CAAN;
Lifetime Member, SSTN
(Transportation Engineer)


The training program has a total of 24 seats. The training is targeted for final year civil engineering students in Nepal, and young professionals working in this field. Seats for graduated students and working professionals (institutional nomination) has been reserved to get the mix of candidates who can lead, diversify and improve learning for all. Three categories have been set.

1. Students

  • Must be a final year student (Bachelors Degree) at any of the university/college in Nepal.
  • Elective subject in transportation/ related topic or project in transport related topic for final year project is additional benefit.
  • 14 seats are reserved for Students.

2. Non-students

  • Must have completed Bachelors in Civil Engineering from any university/college in Nepal not before 2019.
  • Elective subject in transportation or related topic or final year project in transportation related topic is added benefit.
  • 5 seats are reserved for non-students. If not fulfilled the seats is transferrable to institutional nomination and students.
3. Institutional Nomination
  • Must have completed Bachelors in Civil Engineering from any university/college in Nepal
  • Must have taken at least one elective subject in transportation Or related topic or completed final year project in transportation related topic Or working experience in transport related field for at least 2 years.
  • Must present a letter of nomination from employer or an email from your supervisor (considering COVID Restrictions).
  • 5 seats are reserved for institutional nomination. If not fulfilled the seats is transferrable to non-students and students.
Diversity in participation will be prioritized.

The fee for each of the above category has been set as follows:
         Student                                 : 1,000/- per person
         Non-student                        : 2,000/- per person*
         Institutional Nomination   : 4,000/- per person*
              *Members of SSTN will have to pay only half of the fee (max 4)

Payment of the fee should be done after initial screening of the application and selection. 

If you are willing to take the training and meet the eligibility criteria, please follow the following steps to apply. If you have any query, please write to us at

1. Make sure you have studied the course content, eligibility criteria and delivery method, and will comply with all of them.

2. You will need a stable internet connection for video conferencing/live sessions. Make sure that you have one or will arrange for it during the course duration.

3. If you meet the criteria, email us your latest CV, a recent photograph and academic certificates to .

4. Fill out this Application form. The deadline for submission of the documents and application form is 23th June, 2021.

We will get back to the selected applicants upon completion of the evaluation of all the applicants. Selected applicants will be asked to proceed with payment for the training.

5. Deposit training fee and send us the receipt/screenshot of the deposit.

6. Upon verification of payment, the selection of the candidate will be confirmed.