What we do

Safety in roads is not just a matter of enforcement, but also an aware practice of the use of the road space by all – for all.

Capacity building

With the aim of reaching wider audience and creating a bigger impact, we offer training of trainers (TOT) regularly and upon request to create road safety champions throughout Nepal.

research and advocacy

Research and advocacy is one of the major sector that needs to be supported in Nepal. We have, therefore, collaborated with different educational institutions for regular support in research and capacity building of students and others alike, especially in the field of engineering.


A part from awareness classes and closed programs, we have been conducting and supporting to conduct various events to impart greater impact on the people. Various programs, candle-lighting/rally/quiz competition etc., are conducted to mark world day of remembrance (WDR) each year at various locations throughout Nepal.

National events

We have grown to support national conferences and seminars helping to bring the discussion to an international platform where the local ideas can be shared and mutual learning enabled for all.

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