Road safety issue is one of the major public health issues listed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Safe use of the road area and impacts of negligence are often ignored or are not in the reach of a large share of users; especially in the developing nations like Nepal. These, directly and indirectly, contribute to the various issues related to transportation system operation including road safety.

Awareness campaigns are, thus, one of the most effective method to spread the knowledge and information among the various users for their safer use of the road space for all, leading to a sustainable transportation system. Students are the groups who can play a major role in ensuring wide spread of the information and awareness among their colleagues, family, relatives and community. Hence, school students have been at the major target group for most of our awareness campaign programs.

NO Safety
  Know Pain

Know Safety
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Statistics on Road Safety Awareness Campaigns Conducted So Far


  • Total no. of schools: 20
  • Total no. of other institutions: 3
  • Total no. of participants: More than 1600 students


  • Total no. of schools: 30
  • Total no. of other institutions: 7
  • Total no. of participants: More than 2000

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first step

World Day of Remembrance (WDR)

We have been conducting various programs and events at various locations in Nepal since the year of our establishment in 2017 to mark the World Day of Remembrance (WDR) for Road Traffic Victims. 

WDR is a global event marked on third Sunday of November each year. We have been coordinating with various local institutions and youths to conduct various awareness raising programs and events for the day. 

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Are you interested in such awareness program?

If you want to organize such program at your school, college, club, locality or any other institutions, we are ready to support you in any possible ways. 

We can provide you a technical team to conduct such program.
You may attend our ToT program and lead such programs yourself.


To engage more people in discussion, awareness and knowledge related to road traffic and safety, we have been conducting quiz both online and as a part of many events with our stalls.

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