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Monthly Talk Series
Session #06

Creating Walkable Communities


Jeanette Ward

(MET BE (Hons) NZCE CMEngNZ CPEng) Technical Director Abley Consultant, NZ

Date: 18 Nov 2021
Time: 12:00 PM NST

Jeanette is a Transport Engineer with a specific focus on active modes and streetscape design. Her passion is creating great places for people. She has had the opportunity to influence this through developing pedestrian planning and design guidance for Austroads and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Jeanette will present the fundamentals of planning and designing for pedestrians with examples and practical application.

Session #01

12 June, 2021

Vehicle Tracking and its Implication on Transport System

Mr. Bishnu Basnet
MESt(Transport), MEngNZ
Senior Transport Design Engineer,
Abley Ltd. New Zealand

Session #02

09 July, 2021

Road Intersection Design

Mr. Prem Lamsal
ME Transportation (IIT Delhi)
Senior Road Design Engineer,
Worley Parsons

Session #03

13 Aug, 2021

Urban Mobility in the Context of New Cities

Mrs. Ranjeeta Acharya
Urban Planning Specialist
Office of the Investment Board Nepal

Session #04

10 Sept, 2021

Public Transportation for Sustainable Mobility

Mr. Pradeep Kr. Shrestha (D.Eng)
In. Transportation Engineering,
Lecturer, IOE Pulchowk Campus

Session #05

08 Oct, 2021

Aviation: Today and Tomorrow

Er. Nal Bikram Thapa
MSc. Transportation Engineering,
Deputy Manager, CAANs

Monthly Talk Program Series 
Starts 12 June, 2021

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