“NGOs play a vital role in the growing worldwide movement to reduce the impact of road traffic injuries on society via advocacy and the implementation of evidence-based programs to reduce crashes and assist the injured.”

-Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

Our Mission

Coordinate and uphold in partnership with the stakeholders locally through advocacy, encouragement, and research to achieve the national goal of maintaining multi-faceted sustainability of transport sector. 


  • To Aware, Educate, Train and Advocate for the efficient, sustainable, safer and equitable transportation system.
  • To facilitate on Capacity Building on various aspects of transportation through a various seminar, conference, talk program, training, workshop and similar activities.
  • To conduct Research on various measures on reducing road crashes and fatalities directly through Engineering and Education measures.
  • To Coordinate among stakeholders to raise small to critical issues and Facilitate dialogue and discussion to make our road safer for all.
  • To Encourage and Aware stakeholders of the prompt need for the development of proper emergency response system to reduce the fatalities and morbidity of the victims.