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We share published articles, opinion and blogs on transportation system and road safety. Published articles and opinions are limited to those related to Nepal. International case studies and suggestion for applicability in Nepal are also welcomed. 

Blogs can be related to or from any place in the Globe. Good practices, opinion and research findings are important to be shared to the broader community to understand their use in other places and cities, and discuss in a broader community. 

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The submitted works will be reviewed by the team before publishing in the website and/or newsletter.

When submitting an article please make sure following criteria are met.

  1. The article should be related to transportation sector and should not exceed 1200 words in length.
  2. Article should be submitted in word file (.doc or .docx)
  3. Any substantial claims made or data presented should have reference/s (hyperlink if available online).
  4. Plagiarism is not accepted and may result in blacklisting the author.
  5. We may make edits to the submitted article. The edited article will be published only after approval of the author/s.
  6. While submitting your article please include a bio-line reflecting your professional and/or academic qualification, and your contact phone number. You may send us your photograph to be featured in the blog, feature photograph or other visual media.
  7. Do not make phone inquiries related to your submission. Only articles selected for publication will be notified. If not published within a month of submission, it should be considered rejected.
  8. Do not send the same article submitted to SSTN to any other publication during the review period.
  9. Articles published by SSTN may be shared, but not re-published in other platforms.
  10. Articles already published elsewhere will not be accepted (you may request to share it in our other platform).
  11. By submitting your article, you are giving SSTN the rights to publish it in SSTN’s various platforms and media. 
  12. You may retract your article, only before publication. To retract, please send us an e-mail. Consider the piece retracted only after a confirmation e-mail is sent to you.

To send us your article please email your article to with “Article: ” followed by the title of your article in the subject line. 

We also feature published works in the public domain to spread the knowledge and information to the focused broader community of professionals and interested individuals. SSTN holds no ownership rights over the content and idea shared. Our team will, however, screen them before featuring in our website and/or newsletter.

To submit them please include following in you email:

  1. Short summary of what you want to share (less than 150 words)
  2. Name of author/s with short bio-line reflecting his/her professional or academic background.
  3. Link to the digital copy of the article, website or blog.
  4. Original publisher name and platform (printed or online)
  5. Originally published date
Please email your works to with “Share: ” followed by the topic in the subject line. 

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