World Day of Remembrance (WDR)

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year- to remember the many millions killed and injured on the world’s roads, together with their families, friends and many others who are also affected. It is also a Day on which we thank the emergency services and reflect on the tremendous burden and cost of this daily continuing disaster to families, communities and countries, and on ways to halt it.

Road deaths and injuries are sudden, violent, traumatic events. Their impact is long-lasting, often permanent. Each year, millions of newly injured and bereaved people from every corner of the world are added to the countless millions who already suffer. The cumulative toll is truly tremendous. 

The grief and distress experienced by the huge number of people is all the greater because many of the victims are young, because many of the crashes could and should have been prevented and because governments’ and society’s response to road death and injury and to bereaved and injured victims is often inadequate, unsympathetic, and inappropriate to a loss of life or quality of life.

This special Remembrance Day is therefore intended to respond to the great need of road crash victims for public recognition of their loss and suffering. It has also become an important tool for governments and those who work to prevent crashes or respond to the aftermath, since it offers the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous scale and impact of road deaths and injuries and the urgent need for action.

The world day of remembrance was first held in 1993 by Road Peace in United Kingdom and since then it has been celebrated by different non-governmental organization in different countries worldwide. On 26 October 2005, the United Nation adopted a resolution which calls for government to mark the third Sunday of November each year as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.


“All Lives are Precious and must not End Prematurely”

Call for Collaboration!

After successful events at all the provinces of Nepal for consecutive two years, we are preparing for broader collaboration and support to spread the message and unite people all over Nepal to join hands together to share the losses owned to the road crashes and applaud the tireless effort of the rescue team, medical team and other road safety practitioners working to save, rescue, treat and rehabilitate the affected victims.

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WDR 2019

"Life is not a Car Part"

The WDR was observed on 17th November, 2019. The program was organized in association with Nepal Engineers’ Association with support from Picasso Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Aayam Engineering Research & Consultancy, Traffic & Transport Unlimited Solution, Exceutive Consulting Engineer & Planner Pvt. Ltd. in national wide formulation of program at 12 different locations spread over all seven provinces of Nepal. 

A large number of local stakeholders were also involved as co-organizer or supporter, and were pivotal in successful completion of the program. Large number of volunteers and organizations worked for the successful completion of the programs and in spreading awareness among people about importance of road safety. The details of the events are summarized below: 

Location: Itahari, Sunsari
Event Coordinator: Binod Subedi
Event Supporter: Helping Youth, New Vision, District Traffic 

WDR was observed with an awareness rally in the morning. The rally marched to Itahari city core area in presence of participant from local people, youths, and school students. Candle lightening was done in the evening on the main street of Itahari paying tribute to road crash victims and appreciating the efforts pub by rescue, treatment and awareness efforts across Nepal.


Location: Charali, Jhapa
Event Coordinator: Kaushal Adhikari
Event Supporter: Nabin Yuwa Club

Candle lighting was conducted in Charaali of Jhapa. The program was addressed by Traffic Police Rajkumar CHaudari and Bhawani Dahal; SI Palden Sherpa and Devi Bhattarai from Majdur Sangh, and other youths. Play cards showing road safety awareness messages were also displayed.

Location: Bharat Chowk, Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City, Bara
Event Coordinator: Maneesh Yadav
Event Supporter: City Development Society

A candle lighting program was held at Bharat Chowk of Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City. Local youths and citizens were present at the program.  The program was conducted by Maneesh Yadav of City Development Society.

Location: Dhangadhimai Municipality, Siraha
Event Coordinator: 
Event Supporter: 

A formal program was conducted under the chairmanship of Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sah. As a part of the program a quiz contest was organized which was participated by students of five different schools from Dhangadhimai Municipality. In the evening, a candle lighting program was held with participation of SP Khagendra Ekten, CAO of Dhangadhimai Municipality Gajendra Nath Sharma and other locals. The guests shared their views with facts and figure related to the road crashes and need of awareness among the students and people in general.


Location: Jwalakhel, Lalitpur
Event Coordinator: SSTN Executive Team
Event Association: Nepal Engineers’ Association; Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu
Event Supporter: Picasso Consultant P. Ltd.; Aayam Engineering & Research Consultancy; SR Steel; Realpath Engineering Consultancy P. Ltd.;                                              Next Sansar Clean Geo Engineering Consultancy P. Ltd.; Sustainable Infrastructure Development Foundation; Suzuki Driving                                           School; Traffic & Transport Unlimited Solutions

Academic Partners: Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel; National College of Engineering, Talchikhel
Media Partners: Metro Traffic FM 95.6 MHz; Salleri Khabar

Candle lighting preceded by an awareness rally was organized in Jwalakhel, Lalitpur. The participants in the program ranged from school students, engineering students, professors and practitioners, and general public. Chairman of SSTN Hemant Tiwari, NEA President Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Road Safety expert Laxman KC, and SSP of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Bhim Prasad Dhakal addressed the program. All the guest provide their remarks and importance of public participation in conducting awareness programs and how this can make a positive impact in the overall safety scenario.



Location: Saraswoti Bazar, Dhulikhel
Organized jointly with NASA Foundation; District Police Office, Kavre; and Bhakunde Jaycee

WDR was observed with a candle lighting event in memory of the lives lost in road crashes at Dhulikhel. It was organized jointly with NASA Foundation, Dhulikhel Municipality Office and other organizations. The event was chaired by Chief of District Police Office, Kavre SP Jayraj Sapkota.

Location: Bhakhunde Chowk, Namobuddha Municipality
Organized jointly with NASA Foundation; District Police Office, Kavre; and Bhakunde Jaycee

WDR was observed with a candle lighting program remembering all the lives lost and affected on the road within the municipality and around the globe. The program was participated by the Mayor of Namobuddha Municipality Tanka Prasad Sharma along with many ward chairpersons; and youths and other road users.


Location: Damauli Bazar, Vyas Municipality
Event Coordinator: Bikash Adhikari
Event Supporter: Lions Clubs of Tanahun, Leo Clubs of Tanahun; Team NEPO; Nepal Youth for Climate Action; Nepal Youth Council

With support and presence of large number of local clubs and local administration, the Candle Lighting Event at Damauli was a huge success. The participants pledged to be aware and also make others aware of the safe road use. Mayor of Vyas Municipality Baikuntha Neupane also committed to work for improvement of road safety in Vyas.


Location: Pokhara Metropolitan City
Event Coordinator: Sundar Adhikari
Event Supporter: Traffic Police Office, Kaski

A candle lighting program was organized at Pokhara Metropolitan City with lighting candles in the shape of “2742” representing the number of lives lost in the last fiscal year on the roads of Nepal.

Location: Buddha Chowk, Siddharthanagar Municipality, Bhairahawa
Event Coordinator: Surakshya Kafle
Event Supporter: SR Steels

WDR was observed at Buddha Chowk with candle lighting. Various local community based organizations and traffic police participated in the event. The program was also successful in attracting larger audience through various media in Siddharthanagara and the surrounding area. 

Location: Surkhet
Event Coordinator: Basanta Subedi
Event Supporter: Traffic Police, Surkhet; District Public Health Office; Surkhet Model College; and Mote Gang Nepal

The WDR was marked with a rally and a candle lighting event at Surkhet. The local supporters have been active in organizing the event each year as it has been provoking locals into discussion on safe and sustainable transport solutions for Surkhet at different platforms. The event was addressed by the executive of the Public Health Service Office, and Traffic police. The participants reiterated to contiue their efforts to make the roads of Surkhet safer, and the transport system a sustainable one.


Location: Dhangadhi, Kailali 
Event Coordinator: Binaya Dhami
Event Supporter: District Traffic Police, Kailali; and Hamro Engineering Solutions

WDR was observed with an assembly at Dhangadhi which later marked a tribute ceremony with participants form local people. With a prayer for the lives lost on the roads of Nepal, candles were lit.

WDR 2018

"Roads have Stories"

The WDR was observed on 18th November, 2018.  

A large number of local stakeholders were also involved as co-organizer or supporter, and were pivotal in successful completion of the program. Large number of volunteers and organizations worked for the successful completion of the programs and in spreading awareness among people about importance of road safety. The details of the events are summarized below: 

Location: Traffic Chowk, Biratnagar
Event Coordinator: Sahil Dahal
Event Supporter: Rotract Club of Biratnagar West, Bal Kalyan Vidhya Mandir, Our Biratnagar, Traffic Police (Morang)

WDR was observed with a awareness program at traffic police office facilitated by Shiva Kumar Pokharel, head of Traffic police, Morang followed by rally from Traffic Chowk to Gudri Plot and back. The program ended with candle lighting in memory of the departed souls, lost due to road traffic crashes in Nepal.


Location: Badhnihar Chowk, Parsagadhi Municipality
Event Coordinator: Shreeram Poudel
Event Supporter: Parsagadhi Municipality Office, Parsa Rainbow Eng

The event was marked with a rally and candle lighting program. More than 85 participants took part in the event. The rally started from Badhnihar Chowk and circled back via. different locations in the vicinity with messages to convey awareness on road safety. Mayor Mr. Lok Narayan Yadav, Deputy Mayor Ms. Archana Chaudhary, Municipal office member Mr. Arun Prasad Regmi, and Coordinator of Manageable Birgunj Initiation were among the distinguished guests who were present at the event. Mayor Mr. Lok Narayan Yadav pledged to start awareness programs locally at schools and promote safety through proper signs and zebra crossings in the municipality.

Location: Lalitpur
Event Coordinator: Executive Team, SSTN
Event Supporter: Kantipur Engineering College,National College of Engineering, Picasso Consultant, Next Consultant, Smart design and engineering solutions, Aayam engineering and research consultancy, and Alka Hospital.

WDR was observed with a formal program attended by many distinguished guests from Institute of Engineering, NEA, DoTM, DoR, Traffic Police and others. A short rally was organized with play cards displaying road safety messages via. footpaths in the vicinity. The guests highlighted on the need for safer practices in transport in Nepal and also pledged to play their part in the many activities initiated by organizations like SSTN to make the roads safer for all. A candle lighting program was also done to remember the 2541 souls departed due to road crashes in the last fiscal year. 

For more information on the event, please view the summary report here.



Location: Kolputar, Nuwakot
Event Coordinator: Pradip Nepal

WDR was observed with a awareness rally that started from Mahadev Secondary School play ground and ended in Kolputar Chowk. Coordinator of the event, Pradip Nepal, presented on the road safety awareness messages. The event was participated by more than 55 locals including the teachers of Mahadev Secondary School and nearby Health Post.


Location: Chaubiskoti, Chitwan
Event Coordinator: Kalyan Regmi
Event Supporter: Road Safety Foundation, and Red Cross

Rally was conducted from Pulchowk to Chaubiskoti of Chitwan. Red cross demonstrates the process of post-crash response. Traffic police highlight the importance of reduction of speed with increasing fatalities on expanded Mugling Narayanghat Road.

Location: Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara
Event Coordinator: Sundar Adhikari
Event Supporter: Traffic Police, Kaski

The WDR day was marked with an awareness rally from the Chipley Dhunga to Prithivi chowk. Various playcards were shown to highlight the major rules and traffic accidents pictures to show the significance of traffic rules while driving.

Location: Yogikuti, Butwal
Event Coordinator: Shiva Poudel
Event Supporter: Super-Design Consultancy, Naya Jagriti Yuwa Club and Traffic police of Mangalapur

A rally was organized from Yogikuti bridge to Shantikunja Chowk, and back via. service lane of the Siddhartha Highway. The rally was converted into a gathering for candle lightening in memory of the road crash victims. More than 65 locals participated including the students of Lumbini Engineering College.

Location: Birendranagar, Surkhet
Event Coordinator: Basant Subedi

Candle Lighting was done by more than 40 participants in memory of the departed souls.


Location: Dhangadhi
Event Coordinator: Dirgha Raj Joshi & Bhanu Joshi
Event Supporter: Traffic Police (Dhangadhi)

A rally with more than 40 participants started from the Chauraha of Dhangadi and went through the some chowks  and return back to the same spot using service lane only without disturbing the traffic flow. Candle lightening was also done to remember for the departed soul of victims.

Location: Mahendranagar
Event Coordinator: Aashish Thagaunna
Event Supporter: Traffic Police (Kanchanpur)


A rally that included more than 60 participants including locals, members of youth club, engineering students and teachers, and school students started from the ground of the Rastriya Bal Bidhyalaya and went upto the madan chowk of mahendrangar using the footpath and service lane only without disturbing the traffic flow. During the rally various banners and poster showing the remembrance to the road victims were shown. There was an awareness program at Rastriya Bal Bidhyalaya before the rally and candle lightening after the speech program in the name of victims.

WDR 2017

"2020 Target: reduce road fatalities and serious injuries by 50%"

The WDR was observed on 19th November, 2017.  An event was organized in Kathmandu Valley and Nuwakot.