World Day of Remembrance 2020

Every year the world day of remembrance is marked on third Sunday of November to show our support, solidarity and commitment to the issue of road safety around the globe. This year it was marked on 15th November with the theme of “Remember . Support . Act”.

PP Frame

Each year we, Safe & Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN), organize various events and programs throughout Nepal engaging many stakeholders and people. However, this year, considering the risks of COVID spread, the events were limited to symbolic messages and events with limited participants only.

Only few events with people physically present at the event location were organized, with some social distancing and safety measures. As a symbolic gesture to show our support to the families of the victims of road traffic crashes and the people involved in rescue, cure, support and rehabilitation we urged our members, followers and general public to put on a frame to their facebook profile picture prepared by us.

Message from Hemant Tiwari, Chairman, SSTN
Message from Niraj Bohara, Executive Member, SSTN

Event at Kathmandu

A symbolic candle/lights lighting was done by Hemant Tiwari, Chairman of SSTN individually and also prepared a message showing his support and continued commitment to work in this sector to make our roads safer for all.

Event at Birendra Municipality

Small gathering organized by मोटे ग्याङ्ग नेपाल to mark the World Day of Remembrance, 2020 at Birendra Municipality.


Event at Damauli, Vyas Municipality

विश्व सम्झना दिवस (World Day Of Remembrance 2020)कोरोना माहामारीको बिचमा पनि केही सामजिक दुरि कायम गरि व्यास नगरपालिका, ट्राफिक प्रहरी कार्यलय दमौली, तनहुँ , टिम नेपो तनहुँ र लिओ क्लब दमौली सङ्ग समन्वय गरि बिश्व सम्झना दिवसको दिनमा सडक दुर्घटनामा ज्यान गुमाउनु भएका पीडितहरुको सम्झनामा “दिप प्रज्वलन कार्यक्रम” सफल गर्नुहुन सहयोग गर्नु भएकोमा प्रमुख अतिथी व्यास नगरपालिका का प्रबक्ता तथा व्यास नगरपालिका ओडा नं. ५ का ओडाध्यक्ष्य मोहन कुमार श्रेष्ठ ज्यू , ट्राफिक प्रहरी दमौली तनहुँ का नायब उपरीक्षक रेशम बहादुर रानाभाट ज्यू, पत्रकार महोदय र सबै सङ्ग संस्था तथा उपस्तित महानुभबहरु लाई धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद।

Message from Rojan Dhakal, a Road Traffic Crash Victim

Event at Parsagadhi Municipality

कोरोना माहामारीको बिचमा पर्सागढ़ी नगरपालिका -३, पर्सा प्रदेश २ मा सांकेतिक रुपमा भएपनि बिश्व सम्झना दिवसको दिनमा सडक दुर्घटनामा ज्यान गुमाएका हरुलाई सम्झियो l

We are thankful to everyone who have contributed individually and from organizations to mark the day even during the restrictions imposed by Corona Pandemic. We have seen that road crashes are still occurring and claiming lives and peace of people even with limited traffic on the roads. We need to understand that it’s not just the traffic on the road but our behavior and negligence (combined) that is causing the crashes. And so, we can prevent them and are ourselves responsible for that.

Stay Safe and Take Care

-SSTN Family

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